Congratulations Lachlan on being one bad@ss dude!

Lachlan Morton, Education First Pro Cyclist, achieves his goals in a rather epic way and completes the 2021 Rapha Alt Tour challenge with plenty of recovery time to cheer on teammates competing in the Tour de France. 

18 days. 216 hours. 3,269 miles (5,261km). Elevation: 213,947 ft. Will. Determination. Heart. Overcoming adversity. How many Shoes vs Sandals? Tubes? Kits? And one Tattico Mini Pump. Riding any distance is not without your share of bad luck but confidence in your equipment is a must to keep you on the path, even to Paris. 

Ultimately, the driving force behind his achievement was the World Bicycle Relief organization. He raised over $400k in the last 18 days and it continues to grow. And so does the admiration and respect of the entire cycling community. To donate: click here

Again, amazing ride... Chapeau, Lachlan!


The Alt Tour Photo Summary: 


ef morton fix a flat with tattico

On the Road to Paris







Incredible Ride, welcome to Paris and the end of the Alt Tour.

Photo credits: Rapha + Lucy Le Lievre

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