One of the most exciting aspects of our SILCA adventure has been the newfound excitement around tire pressures. I've talked to hundreds of groups of people over the last few years about the importance of proper tire
pressures and we've broken some amazing ground in re-defining aspects of rolling resistance with our data and subsequent articles on the importance of tire pressure. I cannot thank the sport enough for your support and your engagement on this topic. We receive hundreds of emails per week about proper tire pressures and other awesome questions and we continue our work to hopefully one day develop a smart algorithm that can predict optimal pressures.

Along this journey, we also began receiving requests from people who had taken their personal tire pressure study to the next level. People who had purchased an Ultimate Pump, then purchased another to travel with, people who make travel cases for their pumps, etc... it was inspiring! Perhaps most inspiring was the fact that athletes who began paying attention to pressure, really did find it to be the most important adjustment one can make to a bicycle.


Tattico Bluetooth®


Perhaps most inspirational were the requests from the ultra-endurance categories. We had athletes asking for ways to tune pressure on the trailside or roadside as they were venturing far from home for many hours, days or even weeks! One request came from a Tour Divide rider who pointed out 'I'm not fixing a flat so I can ride 12 miles home,I'm fixing a flat to ride 12 more days, I NEED to know what pressure I'm running!'

This inspiration put us on a path to develop a completely unique technology which could bring ultra-high precision gauge technology to a portable pump. We've spent nearly 2 years, designing, optimizing, planning and
packaging this technology for you. We've partnered with Co Luck Enterprise who have a proven and stable air pressure monitoring phone app that when combined with Tattico Bluetooth, can show you tire pressures to better
than 2% accuracy and 0.5psi precision!

We hope that you find this to be as revolutionary and liberating as we have. During our testing, we found ourselves using this pump not only on the roadside and trailside, but in the hotel room at 4am before big events, and
at the cyclocross course where we were able to fine tune pressures on course
before events and out on course during those events.



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Tattico Bluetooth®


One of my favorite comments from testing comes from one of our most avid cyclocross racers and really highlights the possibilities opened by this technology, 'I found the sketchiest spot on course where I was bottoming out each lap, and rather than going back to the car to adjust pressures then ride a lap and adjust again, I just used the Tattico BT out on the course to tweak my pressures as I rode the section over and over. I finished my recon lap knowing that not only was my pressure more dialed than anybody else, but I felt like I completely owned that section.'

Another test rider fixed a flat 20 miles into the Dirty Kanzaa noting, 'I used a CO2 and then adjusted with the Tattico BT right to my pre-race pressure. I was surprised at how much additional confidence I had getting back on the bike knowing that I was right where I needed to be and that I wasn't risking a pinch flat. Usually I spend a
few miles getting a feel for things after a flat, but since I'd used the Tattico for the pre-race inflation, I knew I was right back where I needed to be and I could just get on it..'

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Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out the Tattico BT and please, send us your stories of how this technology changed your life!


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