SILCA is delighted to announce a multi-year partnership with the EF Education First Pro Cycling Team beginning in 2019. Since inception, the team has demonstrated the determination and courage to challenge cycling’s status quo. This approach aligns with the SILCA brand and sets a solid foundation for our shared journey. 

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“Innovation is at the heart of everything that we do. The self-awareness and internal drive to look at something and say to yourself ‘Yeah this is good, but there are things we could do to make it better; and not just for us but for those like us as well.’.  That’s rare regardless of what whatever business or industry you’re talking about. So, to find that mentality in a professional cycling team, and to be taking it into a sport that’s historically slow to accept change, it’s an extremely attractive project for us to be a part of.” Josh Poertner, President – SILCA


As an official supplier, SILCA will provide the team with a full range of floor pumps and tools for the mechanics to use throughout the season. In addition, EF riders will have full access to the SILCA range of mobile inflation products, floor pumps, and tools to utilize for their respective alternative racing programs. Throughout the year, we’ll also be releasing a series of artist edition SuperPista Ultimate Floor Pumps which will be done in collaboration with different riders and personalities within the team.  

 SILCA tools

In addition to the UCI WorldTour schedule, EF Education First will be racing an alternative schedule that will include mixed-terrain events, ultra-endurance race and hill climbs.

EF Education First’s alternative program was crafted to give the team the opportunity to connect with the broader cycling community while exploring new roads, traveling to new places and making new friends. The best part? A camera crew will join the adventure giving longtime cycling fans and newcomers alike unprecedented access to the team, the cycling community and our sport.


The diversity of the terrain and distances over which the team will race is hugely appealing for SILCA. The varied challenges posed by the alternative race program provide us with an excellent opportunity to test and promote different existing products and work with the team to develop new ones.

And with that, we’re big supporters of what EF Education First is doing, and we’re excited to be part of it in 2019 and beyond.

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SILCA x Education First


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