"There’s more to a good coffee than just going from point A to point B.”
Rocket Espresso x SILCA


Common themes you’ll hear in response to this question range from the ergogenic performance benefits of caffeine to the social aspect of café-stop culture. While I won't dispute either point, I've always been left to feel like there has to be something with more substance more to it than that. Turns out, there is.


Last year, I was searching for an espresso machine for SILCA’s event vehicle, and through that process, I was introduced to Rocket Espresso founder Andrew Meo. Aside from Rocket's shared Milanese heritage with SILCA, they also supply espresso machines to several World Tour teams; and with our partner BORA-Hansgrohe being one of them, this seemed a natural starting point.


An avid cyclist and fan of SILCA, Andrew was immediately on board with our idea, but on one somewhat unexpected condition…Before he would send me the machine, I, along with my entire event team would need to get trained and certified by a professional barista on the proper processes and procedures of making espresso. “Isn’t that what YouTube is for?”, I remembered asking, somewhat caught off guard. “That won’t cut it,” he said. “Yes, anyone can learn how to operate an espresso machine on the internet, but there’s more to a good a good coffee than just going from point A to point B.”


This response got me thinking back to the original question posed in this post about the intrinsic link between cycling and espresso…


Rocket Espresso x SILCA



“Is that it?!”, I thought. “Can a shared set of beliefs be the reason why cyclists are so obsessed with this drink?” I got my answer a few weeks later when our Rocket machine arrived at SILCA. I remembered taking it out of the box and being immediately drawn to the aesthetics of the thing; the quality of the materials, the emphasis placed on both form and function, and all of the little details that were undoubtedly obsessed over to make this beautiful piece of equipment that transcended being just a piece of equipment. Sound familiar?


The other thing that I became immediately fascinated by was how many of the senses were used almost subconsciously during the process of making an ounce or two of liquid; a barrage of sight, touch, sound, smell, and taste. This multi-sensory series of little events all woven together is something that I often think a lot about when riding. I appreciate the different perspective I get from the saddle of a bike as opposed to driving a car. The process of pedaling mile after mile, and, the time you’re afforded from doing so almost forces you to notice things you wouldn’t usually pay any attention to or sense. So, to recognize this experience in something off the bike came at a surprise to me but it also makes sense the more I think about it.


So why are cyclists so obsessed with espresso? There’s an experience and a similar set of values to it that has many parallels in cycling. To celebrate this, SILCA has collaborated with Rocket Espresso on a series of limited-edition hand painted SuperPista Ultimates.  


Rocket Espresso x SILCA


Presenting the SuperPista Ultimate Hiro Rocket Espresso EDIZIONE LIMITATA bicycle floor pump. Strictly limited to 10 only pumps, each individually numbered and presented in Rocket Espresso ‘burnt orange’ livery complete with matching Italian stripes.



Rocket Espresso x SILCA


The Ultimate Hiro EDIZIONE LIMITATA puts the same tool used by 50% of Pro Tour teams and hundreds of shops and professional mechanics worldwide in your garage.
Taking orders now for delivery early February 2019.  

Pre-order yours today!


Hurry though as these won’t last long at all!

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