SILCA is proud to announce our sponsorship alongside Rocket Espresso of a new podcast series developed by our own Josh Poertner and two cycling industry podcast legends, Elden 'Fatty' Nelson and Michael 'Hottie' Hotten.  Here are some thoughts and insights from Josh on the origin of the series and a look at where it might all be headed!


From Josh:

The origin of our new series really started when Fatty sent me an email titled: Why no Podcast.. That pretty much said it all.. I've been on just about everybody else'e podcast over the years and have done dozens of speaking engagements all over the world telling stories about behind the scenes of ProTour racing, professional Triathlon, so I guess the idea didn't seem too crazy.   Some of the best stories involved going outside of cycling to work with aerospace, automotive and other partners including a project we built involving supercomputers and a large grant from Intel which has formed the basis of much of the Computational Fluid Dynamics being done on equipment and athletes today.  


In building this series we've tapped into information from economists, psychologists, pro athletes, other engineers and inventors as well as experts in related fields to show how the continual improvement mindset and methodology of Marginal Gains is being implemented in every major field of human endeavor.  This isn't really a cycling podcast so much as it's a look into the human condition with a focus on those who are relentlessly pushing the boundaries of our existing knowledge and understanding on an entire range of topics.  


Lastly, our logo for the podcast was inspired by an amazing graphical visualization from Matt Might that I've shared with hundreds of people over the years and want to share with all of you.  Matt and his wife have a son, Bertrand, who was born with an unknown genetic disease.  They have worked tirelessly to inspire people to go into fields of medicine and biology while also pushing those in these fields to go further.   In doing this, the genetic condition was eventually discovered, named and has now been identified in others.  They, their doctors, biologists and geneticists they've inspired and worked with are directly responsible for pushing the margins of human knowledge significantly outward in the fields relating to their son's condition.  Their story and Matt's visualization have certainly been an inspiration to me and I hope can be an inspiration to you as well.  

Thanks for reading and Keep Pushing


Matt Might "An Illustrated Guide to a P.h. D."

Matt Might "An Illustrated Guide to a P.h. D." 

Keep Pushing!


We would like to send a big thank you to Matt Might for his incredible work on The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

Matt Might, a professor in Computer Science at the University of Utah, created The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D. to explain what a Ph.D. is to new and aspiring graduate students. [Matt has licensed the guide for sharing with special terms under the Creative Commons license.]

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