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Don't just take it from us though...
Here's what current owners are saying

"It took me a bit to familiarize just how the Hiro chuck works but like most Silca products they work perfectly. Sound design, oustanding quality and engineering. This product is a lifetime investment that is a joy to use."

"A sweet design and an excellent tool! I bought this to use on my old Silca Pista (mid-90s vintage, with the plastic handle). It is a lovely tool, both aesthetically and functionally. I use two hands to fit it onto and remove if from the valve, but once it's locked on, I don't need to hold it while inflating. I find I sometimes have to adjust the gasket preload for different valve stems, but this is easily done. There's a bit of a learning curve with this chuck, but now that I'm more familiar with it, I really like how it works."

"Solid product. Built to last and simplify the task. Easy to get in between the spokes."

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